And so the journey begins

Journey Begins

Hi! I''d like to welcome you all to my shiny new website. If you have just stumbled across this post and have no idea who I am, check out my about page. In short, my name is Geoff Ford (I know, it''s my domain name...but you can never assume eh?). I''m an all round web dev that works on all aspects of the development cycle but truth be told my heart is really in front end development, especially the responsive kind. If none of this means anything to you, we can still be friends but this blog will undoubtedly bore the socks|pants|ass off you!

I have wanted to create a personal website and blog for some time now to both put my thoughts down into words (for my own future reference) and to share any goodies, mine or otherwise, with anyone who cares to listen. This will predominantly consist of web development related topics with the odd bit of whatever else here and there.

The plan is to firstly write about the various processes and technologies used to create this responsive site (give it a try on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc or just resize a browser window on your pc|mac). Later I aim to cover any new developments, discoveries, and lessons learned along the way.

Lastly, I am new to blogging so forgive me if I waffle, baffle or just miss the point entirely. Like anything else I''m sure there is a learning curve to overcome.

So, with all that said let''s crack on!