Geoff Ford

Who me? Why of course!

The lowdown

Geoff Ford is a Web Developer with a keen....Whoa there!...What's with the third person?! Let's try that again.

Hi, I am a Full Stack Web Developer currently contracted by Totaljobs Group. My most recent project with Fjord included working with AngularJS, Node.js / npm / Express, Bower, Gulp, Sass and Heroku building a responsive web app and mock api. I previously worked at Castle Trust (a finance start up in London’s square mile) building web apps with a mix of AngularJS, PHP and MySql. Before that I worked at Amnesty International where I led a team of 6 developers and a QA over several concurrent projects in an agile SCRUM environment. I'm not a ninja, a guru, or a jedi. I can't balance on my head on a slackline whilst juggling chainsaws either! I have however been building websites since the late 90’s. As well as solid back end development skills, my focus (and passion) are with front end technologies and creating mobile first, responsive web design solutions. My current tool belt includes the usual suspects: JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, Gulp, Bower, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Scss / Sass and a bunch of other stuff.

Me, myself and I

I'm a native English speaker and also speak Spanish to a reasonable level.

Ask an honest question, get an honest answer. Sure, there are times when diplomacy and tact are required, but generally I like to cut to the chase.

I once took a whole year out to travel the world. It was awesome!

When I'm not enjoying the company of my beautiful and more intelligent wife, or experiencing the daily amazement that is parenthood of our young sons, you can find me at a screen somewhere keeping abreast of all things web dev, tech, and movies.

The complete story
AKA: The Résumé

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Skill Distribution

Back End Dev40%
Front End Dev45%

Back End Development

Node / Express / MongoDB
Yii Framework (MVC)
Web Services (REST/SOAP)

Front End Development

JavaScript (OOP / AMD)
Responsive / Progressive
CSS / Sass

General Build/Dev/Ops

Gulp / Bower / npm
Linux / Heroku
Apache / Nginx / Node
VirtualBox / Vagrant / Puppet
Jenkins / Capistrano / Cucumber
Git / GitHub / GitLab

Design Skills


Work Experience

Senior Full Stack Web Developer @ Fjord (Contract)

This project was with a small team, an ambitious scope and not much time to complete it. The finished web app comprised of a fully responsive RESTful AngularJS front end to provide useful works impact information to the general public. Styling was managed with Sass and a collection of mixins. build with Node, npm, Gulp and Bower, served via Node/Express and ultimately deployed to Heroku. The backend API (Java based) was created by the client and out of our remit although I did assist in defining the JSON structure to be returned.

Key points:

  • Developed a responsive RESTful web application using AngularJS, Node.js, npm, Express, Bower, Gulp, Sass and Heroku.
  • Delivered on an ambitious scope within a short timeframe.
  • Contributed to daily SCRUM meetings and sprint planning sessions.
  • Maintained version control of codebase in Git, GitHub and Heroku.

Senior Full Stack Web Developer @ Castle Trust (Contract)

Whilst at Castle Trust I helped build two RESTful web applications. Both were built with AngularJS and RequireJS frontend, and PHP / MySQL backend. The first, a very large, multi-page mortgage application form with many dynamic form elements and complex validation, is used by external brokers. The second, a large, multi-purpose case manager system that allows the underwriters to review and track applications throughout the whole application process. This included workflow events triggering various automated processes along the way. I also maintained and updated the two primary public facing websites.

Key points:

  • Developed RESTful web applications using AngularJS, HTML, CSS, PHP (OOP/MVC), and MySQL.
  • Maintained two public facing websites.
  • Contributed to daily SCRUM meetings and sprint planning sessions.
  • Maintained version control of codebase in Git.
  • Presented demonstrations of completed features to stakeholders.
  • Introduced feature branching and release management of codebase in Git.

Technical Lead @ Amnesty International

In addition to the Web Developer responsibilities shown below:

  • Managed a team of 6 developers and a QA tester.
  • Led the development of several concurrent technical projects in an agile environment.
  • Reviewed all code contributed by developers.
  • Presented demonstrations of completed features to stakeholders.
  • Introduced feature branching and release management of codebase in Git.

Web Developer @ Amnesty International

When I first started at AI we maintained and enhanced the existing websites in Drupal. Our initially small team then introduced Yii PHP MVC framework to afford us more control over the build of newer planned digital properties. We went on to build a RESTful, multi-lingual, global campaigns website and associated CMS. Both were built on the aforementioned PHP framework and MySQL with all supporting JavaScript built in an AMD modular fashion with RequireJS. We also wrote both unit and behavioural/functional tests with PHPUnit and Cucumber respectively. Deployments were managed with Jenkins and a combination of Git and Capistrano.

Key points:

  • Developed a bespoke web service/client (RESTful) based international, multilingual website and CMS built on the PHP/MVC Yii framework and JavaScript (AMD).
  • Developed and maintained several foreign language sites based on Drupal CMS.
  • Developed in a TDD and CI/CD environment writing both unit tests (PHPUnit) and functional tests (Cucumber) and deploying codebase via Jenkins and Capistrano.
  • Written cross-browser, accessible and standards compliant HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • Created living style guide of reusable UI elements.
  • Contributed to daily SCRUM meetings and sprint planning sessions.
  • Maintained version control of codebase in Git.

Web Designer/Developer & MD @ Cornerpiece Ltd

  • Designed and developed brochure, dynamic and e-commerce websites.
  • Designed for print.
  • Social media marketing via facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.
  • Day to day running of the business.

IT Trainer & Project Manager (Self Employed) @ NHS

  • Project managed rollout of Choose & Book in given areas.
  • Provided training and support on all aspects of Choose & Book to Primary and Secondary Care.


  • Travelled around the world for a year experiencing many different countries, cultures and languages.

Web Designer, IT Trainer and Consultant (Self Employed)

  • Face to face contact with clients from sales and planning through to implementation.
  • Web design and development using a variety of technologies.
  • Professional training to different industries all over the UK.
  • Spreadsheet and database consultancies.
  • Time management allowing work on simultaneous projects.

IT Trainer, Support Engineer @ Imass Ltd

  • Trained Microsoft, AutoDesk and bespoke products.
  • Created courseware manuals and course exercises for Microsoft and bespoke applications.
  • Handled customer support calls.
  • Updated the design and content of the departmental websites and intranet.

Operations Manager and IT Trainer @ Trainers Cooperative

  • Assisted with the company set up and launch.
  • Designed and implemented all office procedures.
  • Managed office staff and trainers (employed and freelance).
  • Scheduling and allocation of training.
  • Sales and management of client base.
  • Trained Microsoft and Lotus products.

Things I enjoy



Formula 1





... Oh, and I have been know to 'strut my stuff' on the dance floor, albeit "back in the day!"